Myth's & Misconceptions about Pressed Pilings:

  • Myth 1: Pressed pilings don't stay in alignment. Fact: Pressed pilings have become the standard over the last 20 years. Pressed pilings can be driven into the sub-strata up to 50' without significant misalignment. These cylinders are being pressed at an extremely high pressure, and the idea of the cylinders getting out of alignment is not feasible. Because these pilings are being pressed at such high psi, they will cut through any root and small rocks on the way to a more solid sub-strata.
    Myth 2: Pressed pilings are not time-proven for foundation repair. Fact: Pressed pilings have been in wide use for foundation repair for over 20 years. They also have the lowest failure rate of ANY repair method in residential use today. Piling systems are not only used for home repair but bridges, oil rigs, and numerous other applications where load-bearing reliability is extremely critical. Pre-cast concrete cylinders are the most economic and reliable material for home pilings. A larger friction surface and non-corrosive material enables Accu-Pier to protect its customers against future repairs by offering a no-cost, lifetime warranty. These concrete cylinders are tested to withstand a minimum of 6000 PSI.
  • Myth 3: A single pier pressed piling system is good enough for any home or structure. Fact: A single pier piling is good enough for some single story brick, and most single story frame home. A dual-pier repair is recommended for heavier brick homes and some frame homes. With the dual-pier, you get twice the coverage on the foundation beam, and twice the product in the ground, all for a very comparable price.
    Myth 4: Pointed or spiral pier caps drive deeper into the sub-strata. Fact: Pointed pier caps might go 1-2' deeper (not proven consistently), but they keep driving with every season change, resulting in failure of the pier system. When the ground gets hot and dry, the clay shrinks and leaves the house setting on the pier. With the weight of the home on the pier, the pointed cap at the bottom has a tendency to drive into whatever it is setting on, be it rock or heavily compacted soil. By using the flat bottom cylinders, we compact and compress every thing on our way to solid sub-strata. That compaction under a 6" diameter surface is the key to building the necessary resistance to insure future support.

Soil Stabilization

We use a proven chemical that is an ion exchanger and reduces expansive soils up to 75%. This chemical changes the clay to a non-crystalline structure by substantially reducing the negative charge of the clay. As a result water intake is reduced and the clay cannot swell after treatment.

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We have served Texas Since 2000. Let us protect your foundation!

Here at Accu-Pier Foundation Repair we hope you will never need foundation repair. But if you do, we will do our very best to make the repairs quickly, efficiently and affordably.

We know what a disruption and inconvenience this type of work can be, we strive to reduce the stress of having foundation repair work done. We have refined this method of foundation repair. Once your home is repaired using the Dual-Pier method it will Never need foundation piers again. Because your home is the single largest investment you will make in a lifetime, we want you to feel comfortable with having Accu-Pier Foundation Repair making the needed repairs to your foundation. You can rest assured that we are competent to handle anything that might come up during the repair process.

Our crews are fully staffed and we contract with licensed plumbers and engineers when the job calls for it. We will fully explain our process and what you can expect during the repair work. We insure there is a supervisor who stays on the job during the entire process to make sure you are comfortable having someone you can talk to or ask questions.

This is our business and providing you with peace of mind during your repair is our focus. We have trained representatives who evaluate your foundation needs at no charge. If that evaluation concludes that foundation repair of stabilization is needed we will recommend needed repairs to insure the integrity of your slab.

We offer 3 types of foundation repair, dualpier, single pressed pier and steel pier. Our estimator will evaluate your particular situation and offer you a solution tailored to your specific needs. We inspect many homes that are experiencing foundation movement, but don't really need foundation repair. In these cases, soil stabilization is a good option to help keep the foundation from being so active, and help prevent future problems by stabilizing the soil before a serious problem arises. Click on the "Clay Soil" button in the left column, for more information.

Accu-Pier Foundation Repair stands behind our work with a written lifetime warranty on all Pressed-Pier and Steel Pier repairs. This warranty is transferable to future owners. Our high standards, work ethic and integrity produce a real pride of workmanship.

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